Halcyon Living LLC is an agency that provides life coaching, mentoring and consultation services to the greater Atlanta community. We are a community based agency that takes pride in meeting the diverse needs of our clients. At this agency we meet clients where they are, respecting their unique experiences, which creates a judgment free atmosphere. We believe that peaceful living is an experience that can be achieved by all individuals, couples and families.  

Our Mission

To aid individuals, couples and families in their respective communities with overcoming obstacles that impede their pursuit of peaceful and prosperous living. 


  • Life coaching- Our life coaching services consist of assisting individuals, couples and families with challenges that may occur in life. Challenges ranging from troubling interpersonal relationships to lack of motivation or self identity can be addressed by these services. We offer in home and telecommunication services which is what sets us apart. 


  • Consultation- Consultations are done on a case by case basis through in home and telecommunication services. 


  • Mentoring- COMING SOON!!! 

Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.
— Anonymous